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Vanuit de neerlandistiek kwam ik in de journalistiek. Werkte het meest voor non profit organisaties op het gebied van wonen, milieu en gezondheid. Op mijn dertigste ging het roer om. Ik ging natuurgeneeskunde en homeopathie studeren. In 1990 starte ik mijn praktijk. In 1995 startte ik met het blad Dynamis. Kopij boven tafel brengen en organiseren dat er kwaliteitsinformatie bij de lezer komt, kortgezegd een blad maken, dat is mijn passie. Vanaf 2017 mag ik als uitgever Dynamis online brengen. Een prachtige uitdagende klus, alleen mogelijk met de inzet van veel vrijwilligers, auteurs en lezers.

Case Fortune M

The Dutch homeopath Arjen Pasma treated hundreds of patients in Malawi. Short consultations. His opinion is that African people show much more very clear...

A short story of the Matridonal remedies: Incarnation – from Heaven...

Melissa Assilem was a herbalist and worked for decades with flower essences. Later she became a homeopath. In many years she got experience with...

Case Woman. Too Strong, too fast.

A case of a woman with Myoma fibroid. She is too strong and fast, gets smashed.We present the notes from Jeremy Sherr, that he showed at a presentation.

Case Man 25 years old, Sweating palms of hand

YOUNG MAN AGE 25y This case was presented at the Homeopathy One Conference Brugge 2017 By Jeremy Sherr YOUNG MAN AGE 25y Observation: Sweet and friendly Chief Complaint: Sweating...

Powerpoint Jan Scholten Homeopathy One Congres Brugge 2017

Powerpoint van de presentatie van een prachtige casus op het homeopathy One Congres in Brugge, oktober 2017 door Jan Scholten

The nervous cyclist

A chronically constipated man, 28 years old, who loves cycling very much comes to my practice. He is nervous because of his demanding father.

Homoeopathy in Dentistry – A holistic view

Dr Vidal gives practical advises for the application of homeopathy in dentistry. Short dd, materia , complaint oriented remedies.

An Acute Case of Acalculous Cholecystitis

Abstract: When treating acute and chronic digestive disorders with homeopathy, there is a variety of methodologies one can use. Some practitioners use the pathological and physical symptoms, others use the vital sensation method, physical examination findings, keynotes, mind symptoms and/or the generals. Throughout these articles, we will look at different digestive disorder cases, both acute and chronic, done by various doctors at The other song clinic. Each of them utilized different approaches to demonstrate the effectiveness of using homeopathic remedies. By Dr. Rishi Vyas from The Other Song

In memoriam Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon
In memoram Tributes to Society fellow and Europe backbone Stephen Gordon Society fellow, backbone for homeopathy in Europe and tireless campaigner Stephen Gordon died peacefully at home in July after a diagnosis of cancer earlier in the year. Friend and colleague Zofia Dymitr writes about his unfailing dedication and we collect just a few of the tributes that have been pouring in.

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